"There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit distributes them." 1 Corinthians 12:4

Motivational Gifts Seminar 2017


Oct 24

Motivational Gifts Seminar

Oct 24, 7:00 pm – Oct 26, 5:00 pm

Motivational Gifts Seminar     What are the ...
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Feb 1

Kenyan Pastors' Training Event

Feb 1, 12:00 am – Feb 21, 12:00 am

This training event is for the pastors coming from Western Kenya!  They will be ...
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Larry's Blog

The Poor in Spirit

By: Rev. Larry Eddings

 It would have been great to be seated on the side of the mountain in Galilee and listen to the Master Teacher and Lord, Jesus, when he began to tell what life is like in God’s Kingdom.  It would …Read More

See How Those Christians ...?

By: Rev. Larry Eddings

One of the distinguishing marks of the early Christian community, recognizable by the pagan world, was that of love.  Yes, the followers of Jesus in the First Century Church leaned early on what Jesus had taught his …Read More

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