There is one thing, more than any other thing, that makes all of heaven jump to its feet in celebration.  One verse in Scripture declares what it is.  “There is more rejoicing in heaven over one [get that - ONE] sinner who repents than over ninety nine righteous people who do not need to repent.”  Luke 15:7
     With that statement, Jesus concludes his three parables that are related to the lost being found: the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son – each of which was found and resulted in great rejoicing.  When the lost person is found, there is great rejoicing in heaven.  Actually, there is also little on earth to compare with seeing a lost person come to Jesus and realize that in him, they have come out of “lostness” into “foundness;” they have come out of darkness in to the Light; out of ignorance into understanding; out of death into life; out of sin into salvation; out of hell into heaven.  That also gives cause for rejoicing while we Believers in Christ are yet here on earth.
     What is that one thing, that one event that takes place that makes all of hell jump to its feet in celebration?  Is it possible that Satan rejoices when no one seeks the lost and they stay lost?  Does all hell jump to its feet when it sees the ninety nine righteous people go their merry way and pay no attention to the one weak, straggling, lost sheep that can be easily picked off?  Satan loves to ‘pick out’ and ‘pick off.’  Do the minions of hell celebrate when they see the ones called ‘Righteous’ fighting over doctrine as to who is right and who is wrong, while their neighbors are trapped in sin that leads to death? 
     Do demons tell each other to just be patient because many of the “Found” can’t seem to agree whether there even is a hell or that anyone is lost?  "Just be patient!  Then we can celebrate!"
     Jesus made it very clear that he “came to seek and save the lost.” [Luke 19:10]  He came to seek and save the lost so that they would not be lost forever.  He came to take away any reason for Satan and Hell to celebrate.  Perhaps that is one reason as to why he has called you and me to share the good news of God’s love for all people, so that the lost can be found, and all heaven – including us “Found ones” here on earth, can jump also to our feet in joyful celebration.