Support Staff
L to R: Larry & Audrey Eddings, Peg Brown, Donna Kikrkpatrick, Colleen Mey, Jim Mey, Jean Seelow, Bill Seelow, Suzie Eyer.
   On December 17, the office staff of Wind of the Spirit Ministries, and their spouses, gathered at the local Olive Garden for our Annual Christmas Luncheon and exchange of gifts.
   It was also a time to recognize the excellent work of Peg Brown.  Peg is retiring from the position of Office Administrator.  She has worked in the office for the past four years.  She is a gifted woman of God, with computer skills, doing editorial work for our various letters and publications, organizing for the ministry events and generally a great team person.  We give thanks to God for her commitment and excellent service she has provided for the ministry.
   Thank you Peg for being who you are and for all that you do.  We wish you well in your retirement and pray that God bless both you and Milton as you live out your retirements together.
   The luncheon was also a time to welcome our new incoming staff person who will be working in the office.  She is Suzie Eyer.  Suzie has been an active part of Wind of the Spirit Ministries for several years, serving at our various ministry events that are conducted in Silverdale.  She has assisted in the kitchen and in other capacities as well.  We welcome her to the staff and look forward to a long period of service together with her.
   Suzie joins Jean Seelow, our financial secretary and Colleen Mey, our treasurer, both of whom have served the Lord and this ministry for the past fifteen years.
   We are blessed with this great team of prayer people who minister to many who come through the office, to others in phone conversations and to still others through notes and letters.
   We have endeavored through the thirty plus years of this ministry to be obedient to God’s call on our lives to “Equip the saints for works of ministry,” Ephesians 4:12  God has blessed those endeavors and we continue to proclaim aloud, as does our counterpart team in the Philippines:

    A Year End Look at What We are About.
The Board of Directors and Support Council of Wind of the Spirit Ministries gather together twice each year to celebrate the many ways in which God has used this ministry to reach lives for Jesus and equip the saints for works of ministry.
   We also seek the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit as we plan ahead and look into the future.  We work on the fiscal year, July 1-June 31, and so our mid-year meeting is in January and our Annual Meeting in June, at which we elect officers, welcome new members and set the budget for the new year.
   Wind of the Spirit Ministries is a 501 [c3] non profit, faith based ministry.  All financial contributions to the ministry are tax deductible.
   Many years ago the Board of Directors were led by the Holy Spirit to set aside a tithe [10%] of all contributions to the General Fund, to be used for mission outreach.  As a result, the Lord has guided us to fund college and seminary education for young men and women in the Philippines, provide support help for the pastoral leadership of Wind of the Spirit Ministries in the Philippines, Rev. and Mrs. David Sablan, and also for our missionaries in India, Jeremy and Joy Ellington.
   Teams are available throughout the year for healing seminars, prayer training events and seminars on the Person of The Holy Spirit.