Note:  I will be adding to this site as the trip continues.  Please begin reading from the bottom.  Pictures are in another file.

Sunday, September 22  Worship in Water 2   (5:07am)

Beloved saints at home in the USA,

Good evening - or morning, depending on which side of the globe you happen to be,
We awoke this morning to another day of monsoon downpour accompanied by much wind.  After breakfast we left for Cavite City where Larry preached at the morning service.  It was a blessed service, with a fairly good attendance in spite of the heavy rains.  It took about 2 1/2 hours to travel there and we arrived just in time for the 2 1/2 hour service to begin, but "not to worry" God is in charge!

As we worshipped, water began seeping up through the tiles on the sanctuary floor and little by little it began to cover the entire floor up to about two inches deep.  Everyone just went ahead and worshipped without interruption. 

Following the message, prayer teams (ours and theirs) joined together to pray for several who came to the altar for prayer.  No one rested in the spirit!.  It would have been a soft, wet landing had that happened.

What a privilege to preach and pray with these beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ.  Several requested prayer for familIes going through difficult times, plus health issues.

It has been a very full and blessed day.  Thanks to all of you for your prayers.  In all the traveling in very wet and slippery road conditions, we were safe going and coming.

Tomorrow we begin our first 2 day conference for pastors and workers.  We are excited.

God bless all of you mightily,
Larry, Audrey, Pam, Bob and Tracy.

Sunday, September 22  Worship in Water 1   (3:38am)

Today we worshiped in Pastor Pol's church in Cavite City, near Manila bay.  Much wind and rain.  As we worshiped it poured rain and the sanctuary flooded up to the tops of our shoes.  We practiced walking on water.  It didn't work!  We still had a great service for 2 1/2 hours.  A couple of more pictures to follow.  (See pictures #1-3)

Friday, September 20  Arrival in Philippines

Greetings to all of you in Jesus' name.
We arrived safely with everyone well and good.  We were greeted at the airport by David and Josie, Pol and Evie, members of the WOSMPHIL Healing team.  We then had a two hour trip to Tagaytay to the Bethesda Retreat House where we were greeted by Jesse and Del Carlos, gracious owners and hosts of the House.  It was good to see them again after our time here in January.

Following a greater than good dinner with members of both teams,we had a time of prayer and going over the schedule for the next two weeks.  Wow! This will be an exciting time.  Kathleen has filled you in on some of the schedule - which is in flux.  The meeting in Aurora will be an all day meeting, requiring that we leave here on Wednesday and returning on Friday.

We slept well last night - amidst thunder, lightening and rain storm.  It really knows how to rain here.  Washington rain is a drizzle in comparison!  Claps of thunder served to encourage the dogs to join in barking and howling throughout the night.  I think they finally wore themselves out and went to sleep.  Either that or I did!

Today (Saturday) is a day of rest.  Tomorrow we will attend Pastor Pol Penetrente's church where I will preach and we will all be involved in praying with people at the close of the service.

Sunday afternoon is a time of rest and then on Monday we begin a very full two weeks.  Thanks for keeping us in prayer.
Love in Jesus, Larry, Audrey, Pam, Bob, Tracy

Thursday, September 19  Taipei stopover

Hi everyone,
We are in Taipei airport following a 13 hour flight over some rough weather on several occasions.  However, we all slept some and the trip was a rather uneventful and pleasant one.  We had just dropped off to sleep after takeoff (2:10 am) and they woke us up at 3:30 for a full meal deal of chicken dinner.  Hmmmm

Taipei is a beautiful place, but a llloooonnnngggg way between C3 where we came in and C1 from where we will leave for Manila in about 1 1/2 hour.  Don't be fooled by closeness of numbers.

We're all doing well.  Thanks for keeping us in prayer.  We'll keep you pasted as we go along.
God bless you much,
Larry, Audrey, Pam, Bob and Tracy