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posted by: Robert on 11/15/2018

Pray Derek's Bully will feel great fear when he sees Derek. Pray Derek's Bully will feel great Terror when he sees Derek and will not want to go near him.
I will pray 12 people are praying.
posted by: tony on 8/22/2018

I will pray 17 people are praying.
Needing protection against feared bat infestation in house
posted by: Alex on 8/16/2018

Last night I saw what I thought was a bat flying past in my upstairs bathroom into parts unknown within my house. Haven't seen any sign of it today, but with mountains of stuff to the ceiling* in many parts of the house, there's no way to be positively sure. First time in over 20 yrs living here that I've had a concern about bats in the house. I hope he's at least as scared of me as I am of him, and will make himself very scarce tonight. Even better, I hope it was just a moth creating a scary looking shadow next to the bathroom light. Either way needing the protection of the precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ with His Calvary victory. *My stepdad, who passed away in January, loved the Lord, but also acquired lots of stuff (collectibles, art, books) over the years until a sharp decline in his health the last few years of his life restricted his activity. With my own share of health issues, I'm limited as far as hauling a lot of stuff, esp for a bat encounter I'd rather not have, being phobic of them.
I will pray 14 people are praying.
Financial Blessings to come
posted by: Kenneth Lane on 7/15/2018

prayer that all my financial up coming financial blessing are cover under the blood of jesus amen.
I will pray 15 people are praying.
posted by: David on 7/2/2018

please pray our lord would provide a vehicle for me in an unfortunate event my former vehicle was destroyed leaving me without transportation and causing unemployment thank you and god bless
I will pray 19 people are praying.
posted by: VIRENDRA on 5/31/2018

PRAISE THE LORD , I am requesting you humbly to please pray for my mother KALAWATI VISHWAS NAVGIRE , who is suffering from BRAIN PROBLEM (AFASIA) due to CLOTTING OF BLOOD IN SPEECH, MEMORY PART OF BRAIN. She is unable to speech right words and can”t understand other”s word. She has lossed her memory. Please pray for my mother for FAST DISSOLVING BLOOD CLOTT and speedy recovery to save her life in your personal prayer , family prayer and COMING CHURCH SERVICE ALSO. Thanking you with great regards. Your”s in HIS name VIRENDRA VISHWAS NAVGIRE 919421896272 virendra_navgire @rediffmail.com
I will pray 13 people are praying.
posted by: Martina on 3/31/2018

Please pray for my health. I suffer from a serious liver desease. It is very bad. I need healthy liver cells. Please pray for healing. I need a miracle to survive. Thank you.
I will pray 16 people are praying.
posted by: John Xavier on 3/27/2018

Deliverance. I am John Xavier from Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA. Please pray for a deliverance. I am in financial difficulty / crisis. Please pray for a heavenly intervention to set me free from this ordeal.
I will pray 9 people are praying.
miracles for reconcilitation
posted by: nn on 3/22/2018

please intervene God. I'm hurt inside, i am so tired to cover everything by pretending and no matter how hard I pray nothing seems to be working, please pray for Damianus aditya christie and me. I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for me and him, I have been struggling with pain for the past 3 years. I know You knows my pain God, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner, Father you say, knock and the door will be opened to you. I come with a broken heart, I feel hopeless and emptyness. i depend on you and still hope, if God deign, please God soften and touch Damianus aditya christie heart for me, He means a lot to me. I really love him and disappointed to him at the same time. I can't touch his heart, only God can change people's hearts. i know that prayer is a powerful thing, please help me face things that are beyond my capabilities. because God, You have power to help me. if you do not want this reconciliation to happen, please give me strength to overcome the bitterness. Teach me how to remain grateful when the hardest one, teach me to love You more than anything. I really need a miracle, thank you
I will pray 16 people are praying.
Praise Report from WOSM Philippines
posted by: Rev. David Sablan Jr. on 11/15/2012

God is wonderfully good all the time! Last November 7 and 11,2012 two healings events were conducted in the Philippines these are at Harris Memorial College and Kamuning First United Methodist Church respectively. During these events many people both young and old received healing, restoration and reconciliation. Only through the power of the Holy Spirit has made this possible. Glory to God!
Amen! 33 people are praising.