The Journey Within
from August 18, 2021 7:00 pm     .     August 21, 2021 12:00 pm

The Journey Within

A Roadmap to Emotional Wholeness


     Wind of the Spirit Ministries will be presenting “The Journey Within” A Roadmap to Emotional Wholeness in Silverdale, Washington from August 18-21.  This seminar is focused on the healing of emotional hurts from the womb into our present adult life.


Subjects include:

· A Roadmap to Emotional Wholeness

· God Provides the Directions

· Forgiveness: Highway or By-Way?

· Road Signs: The Power of Spoken Words

· Ways Traumas Surface

· Spiritual and Emotional Roadblocks

· Emotional Detours—Abuse in relationships

· Life in the Womb

· Memories Frozen in Time, the Little Child

· Seeing ourselves as God sees us


     This Seminar provides a great opportunity for individuals to work through issues that involve our souls (our mind, will and emotions). It focuses on Sanctification, the work of the Holy Spirit to cleanse and purify our lives of those things that hinder our growth in the Spirit.

     Participants have opportunity to experience release from destructive attitudes, wrongful choices and  judgments that have impacted their lives and hindered their spiritual development as children of God.

     In addition, small group ministry times will provide opportunity to pray with each other and develop ministry skills that will enable us to reach out to others to help them experience freedom from negative emotional issues in their lives.

     This Journey Within Seminar is designed to help persons pray with each other for healing and wholeness. It is not a time for counseling and/or advice giving. It is a time for seeking God’s Spirit for direction on how to receive healing and how to      minister to other persons in need. It is focused on Prayer Ministry.

     The sessions begin at 7:00pm on Wednesday evening with worship. A time of worship will open each morning and evening session as we focus on Him who brings healing and wholeness into our lives, our Lord Jesus Christ.

     The daily schedule for Friday and Saturday will be from 8:00 am and concluding at 9:00 pm, with lunch and dinner breaks. The Seminar ends at noon on  Saturday. For more information:


    Email:   wosmnw@yahoo.com   



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