This turned out to be another special and power-filled day in the presence of God’s Holy Spirit.  The day began with a time of quiet devotion wherein the participants sat quietly in the presence of God and meditated on Scripture.  Each morning we made the conscious effort to seek the presence of the Holy Spirit and ask him to prepare us for what he had for us each day.    This time was followed by a time of singing and worship.  Today’s worship was led by Thea, who is very good on the keyboard.  Songs are in both English and Estonian so we are able to sing them together in two different languages.  Actually, they go very well together.   
Tracy Martello had the first teaching on God as our Comforter.  She always does an excellent job of teaching.  She is very gifted.  The workshop that followed gave the participants opportunity to talk about times in their lives when they had experienced God’s presence in times of grief, hurt, pain and other difficult times.  There was a lot of good bonding between them as they shared their stories.   
The second teaching was by Thea Kant who did the Deliverance teaching.  She did an excellent job and prepared us for the workshop which followed lunch.  I led the workshop and began by using one of the participants [volunteer], as a role model to demonstrate how deliverance can happen.  I had been given several words by the Lord as to what may be issues in the people’s lives within the group that should be dealt with.  The lady who volunteered spoke out one of those issues, which was rebellion.  We prayed against rebellion and she experienced a release in her life and peace.    The groups went immediately into ministering to one another without hesitation.  And visible evidence of deliverance was obvious very quickly.  Two came up to share at the close of the workshop.  Their stories were powerful and impacted the whole group.   
The third teaching was on Physical Healing, by Taylor Gallman.  He did his usual fine job of leading people through the teaching in the Manual and shared several healing stories that made the teaching real.  This was followed by the workshop that prepared the people for the evening healing service.  There were 19 persons who were able to be present for the healing teams.  Therefore, we had six teams of three persons each.  One team had four.    An estimated 50 or 60 people came for the service and each team had opportunity to pray for 4 or 5 people.  All appeared to be enjoying the experience.  They did not know they were going to do it until we organized for the workshop in the afternoon.   
I spoke on the Healing of the Leper [Mark 1:40-46] prior to the actual time of prayer for the people.  The US team members were available to cover the whole evening in prayer, but we did not pray with the people.  We wanted to Academy participants to have the opportunity and the privilege of doing that.  There was much joy among them as we wrapped up the evening, looking forward to tomorrow, the concluding session.  I will be teaching on Scriptural Guidelines for ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit which will be followed by Holy Communion and the giving of certificates to the participants.    We will also be celebrating Jeremy and Joys’ 25th wedding anniversary by having a renewal of vows for them following communion.    Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. Love in Christ, Larry