1st Update

       Greetings from your Estonia Team!  We have completed the first evening and first full day of the Healing Academy here in Tallinn, Estonia.  We have nothing but loud praises to give because of the awesome working of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those who are attending the Academy.  We have between 35 and 40 in attendance.  The numbers are not exact because people come and go as they are able-because of school, work, etc.
       Last evening I, Larry, spoke on Jesus as our Role Model for ministry.  The teaching was well received and there was much sharing in the workshop.  The foot-washing was a brand new experience for everyone.  At first there was hesitation, but when a few ventured to enter into the experience, others could see how the Holy Spirit was touching them, so before long virtually everyone in the group participated, even though they were given permission to not participate if they so chose. 
       The Holy Spirit brought a wondrous surprise to the group with his presence and the release of joy among them.  They realized they were following the example of Jesus and what he did for the original Twelve disciples.  The evening ended with much sharing of praises to God.
        Today, Wednesday, Taylor Gallman spoke on Father God.  There was very good response to the teaching and the workshop saw several able to forgive their earthly fathers for not setting a good example of fatherhood and how it has impacted their attitude toward Father God.  At least one woman who needed to forgive a mother for having that impact on her life, was ministered to by one of our team members for more than an hour.  She was visibly changed following that ministry time.
        Thea Kant taught on the Holy Spirit and she did a masterful job.  During the workshop time, we asked people to come forward for prayer to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  Everyone came for prayer.  No interpreter was needed.  We simply asked God to baptism them with his Spirit and sometimes without saying a word or touching them, they rested in the Spirit.  That was prior to our dismissal for dinner at about 4:20.  One woman rested in the Spirit through the dinner hour and into the evening session that began at 6:30.  She was eager to give praise to God when we later gathered for the praise circle.
         This evening Jeremy Ellington spoke on the Word of Knowledge and did an excellent job.  The workshop involved persons praying for each other, one on one.  Afterwards when asked how many felt that God had led their prayer partner to pray for a very real need in their lives, every hand was lifted.  About half raised their hands when asked if God had led their partner to pray for the very same thing that God has talked with them about in their own prayer time. The group was amazed at how God had worked
 in their midst.  This was a first for all of them, which made it an even more amazing experience for them.
        It was difficult to get them to leave following the closing praise circle as there was much hugging, many tears of joy, loud praises and general “joyful sounds” as they loved on one another.

Ministry Time Photos