Closing Session of Estonia Healing Academy

The closing sessions of the Healing Academy once again saw the real Presence of God as the group shared about what they experienced in the Friday night healing service.  There were several to whom this was a new experience of praying with others in a public healing service.  They shared about some who experienced healing and how the Holy Spirit had led them to pray.    I also took the opportunity to share some positive things that I had observed in order to encourage them to do further ministry in praying for peoples’ healing.  I also shared an evaluation of things they may want to consider, especially for those first timers who needed some guidance about healing prayer: use of hands, praying with eyes open, focusing on the person receiving ministry, etc.  We had talked about some of these things during the training session.

 All in all it was a very positive evening with very good results.  The Lord is always faithful when we step out to do what he has directed us to do.    The Saturday morning and final teaching session was done by Larry: “Scriptural guidelines for living and ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit.”  There is no workshop related to it, but the people took notes and some took pictures of the power point slides that were on the screen.    Following the Sacrament of Holy Communion we had a time for the renewing of marriage vows between Jeremy and Joy Ellington who celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on the day we arrived in Estonia.  It was a very special time as they had brought along their traditional Indian clothing for the occasion.    The handing out of certificates was an especially fun time as the participants had to walk around the inside of the circle of chairs to get theirs.  They made a fun time of it by dancing, swirling around a post and general having a relaxed, good time.  This is evidently a new thing for them, who have had to be serious for so long.  
 A lunch of chicken and vegetables was served to the team at the church.  All of us came back to the hotel and took long naps before going out together for dinner.  Following lunch, Kaupo and Thea left for their home and church – a 3.5 hour drive.  We will take that drive tomorrow morning so that I can preach in the church they serve.  We will also return to Tallinn with another 3.5 hour drive in the evening.  Fortunately, we have three days to laze around before leaving for home on Thursday.    Taylor will be flying home tomorrow, Sunday, the 27th, in order to care for some needs that have arisen in his local church.  He has been a great addition to this team.  Jeremy and Joy will remain in Estonia for another week before returning to their home in India.  They, too, have been a great addition to this work.    We commit this Healing Academy to the Lord and pray that it has served to edify these beautiful Estonian brothers and sisters in Christ and also glorify our Lord.
In Christ,
Larry, Bob, Tracy, Brian, Beth, Jeremy, Joy, Taylor.