Ministry in Voru Church

Early Sunday morning one of our team members, Taylor Gallman, caught a flight back home to Alabama.  He was such a vital part of the ministry team and his teachings were well received by all in the Healing Academy.  We praise God that he was able to be a part of this team.
Taavet [David] picked up the team at the hotel at 7:00 A.M. to travel the 3 and one half hours to the city of Voru, where Pastor Kaupo and Thea Kant serve the local United Methodist Church.  Voru has a population of about 11,000 residents.  We arrived at about 10:30.  The service of worship was scheduled begin at 11:00.  Yet, as always, we were escorted to a room where refreshments were awaiting us.  Always – food, food and more food, delicious food!
By the time came for worship – and we did begin at 11:00, the small sanctuary was packed with people.  Many had come from various other churches in the city.  One pastor brought persons from her congregation.  We were told that they had seen the TV video that I had made last October when we were here and that it had been played on the local Christian TV station and radio for several weeks before we arrived this time.  They had liked what they saw and heard and so they wanted to come and hear more.
The worship time was precious and I know that it pleased God’s heart.  It was sweet and gentle and the voices of the people sounded like the voices of angels.  Jeremy and Joy Ellington had been asked to share their testimony and they did a beautiful job telling about how the Holy Spirit is moving in the lives of the people in India.  There was much good response as this was the first time that several had been able to hear first-hand testimony of our Lord’s work there.
I preached, using Scripture from Ephesians 1 and talking about the fact that Jesus is God’s Vision of what he wants his church to be: Holy, Forgiven, Reconciled and filled with His Holy Spirit.
Invitation was given by Pastor Kaupo for persons who wanted prayer to come forward and the team would pray for them.  Kaupo, Thea, one of their sons and Taavet interpreted for us.  People began coming for prayer.  They lined up waiting their turn.  We began praying at about 12:45 and prayed for the last person at about 2:30.  The service lasted for 3 ½ hours and, to my knowledge or awareness, no one left.  All remained for prayer and to experience the real presence of God’s Holy Spirit.  God honored our prayers with many healings.  We will share some of these in future editions of the Spirit Breeze newsletter.
Al the close of the prayer time we were invited to an upstairs room where, once again, we were served a delicious and healthy meal.
The team was then taken on a brief trip around the area to see some of the beautiful lakes, pine tree groves and verdant green valleys.  We also stopped at the family home of Taavet’s childhood that is still occupied by his grandparents, both in their nineties and people of vibrant faith.  This home had been confiscated by the Russians during the occupation.  It is large and spacious and provided space for the Russians to use as offices and whatever else they wanted it for.  Following their exit, the home was returned to the family.  Grandfather is now 97 and remains largely in his room because of his frail health conditions.  It was a privilege to meet him and to pray with him for a few moments.  Though grandmother was sent to Siberia twice – when she was 12 and again 16, there is not one hint in her life of any animosity toward the Russians because of their treatment.  They truly exhibit the grace, love and forgiveness of God.  Again, we were served a delicious round of refreshments and enjoyed a special time of visiting with Taavet’s sister, Hannah, her husband, Bjorn and their three beautiful small children.
We left the Voru area around 6:30 pm, arriving back in Tallinn at about 10:00, ready to drop into bed.  It had been a long day – with blessings beyond measure.,  Yet, we were all ready for a good night’s sleep to prepare for a new day on Monday – today, because Taavet has a “surprise” planned for us this afternoon.  He will pick us up at 12:45 and we will be blessed by another Estonian gift from God.  Most likely it will include food.
Once again, thanks to all of you for your prayers and loving participation in this trip to be with our friends in Estonia.  Our God has answered your prayers and through them he has blessed his people.
In Christ,
Larry Eddings