Healing Academy


People have been asking what happens at a Healing Academy that it should take five days to cover?

We want to address this question so that our constituents may be aware of what happens and have opportunity to participate and pray for others who participate in the Academy.

The Healing Academy is an intensive training event in which persons are given some basic tools for ministry. In addition it provides opportunity for the participants to experience healing in various areas of their own lives. The emphasis is upon healing and wholeness in all areas of life—spirit, soul [mind, will and emotions], body and relationships.

The opening session—usually on Tuesday evening, focuses on the life and ministry of Jesus. His ministry sets the standard for all who would desire to be his disciples and follow in his footsteps. Jesus knew who he was, what he was about, why he was here and where he was going. He role modeled servant ministry. Jesus came down from heaven not to do his own will, but the will of him who sent him. He would not allow the world to dictate his agenda. We who participate in Christian ministry must know who we are, what we are about, why we are here and where we are going. We cannot allow the world to dictate our agenda. We are here to do God's will, as was Jesus.

The first full day of the Healing Academy focuses on the Holy Trinity—Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and the healing of our relationship with God. These sessions discuss the healing of the human spirit, baptism with the Holy Spirit and use of spiritual gifts in ministry. Workshops accompany each of the sessions. Participants have opportunity to experience baptism with the Holy Spirit and the use of certain spiritual gifts in ministry with each other.

The second full day focuses on healing of the soul — mind, will and emotions. Topics include forgiveness, God's plan for human sexuality according to Scripture, healing of sexual brokenness and emotional healing, with accompanying workshops.

The third full day focuses on God as our Comforter as we deal with suffering, pain, death and grief. Deliverance from bondage to demonic powers and physical healing are also included in the topics for the day. In addition to the usual workshops that accompany the lectures, a public healing service is held that evening with the participants in the Healing Academy being the prayer teams that pray for those in need.

The closing morning focuses on Scriptural guidelines for ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit, based on the opening chapters of the Book of Acts. The early Christian Church practiced what they had learned from Jesus. These same principles make for an effective and productive Christian ministry today.

The Academy closes on Saturday morning with a service of Holy Communion and graduation for the participants.

Persons who participate in the Healing Academy are asked to be present for all the sessions and to participate in all the workshops. Each session builds on the previous one and it is important that a participant commit to the whole learning experience in order to gain maximum benefit from it.

Arrangements for a Healing Academy to be conducted in your area may be made through the Wind of the Spirit Ministries Office, P.O. Box 175 Silverdale, WA 98383 or by phoning 360-692-9813 or emailing.  A minimum of 25 registrants is recommended in order for the Healing Academy to be effective. There is no maximum number.