Kenya Mission

NAIOBI, THURSDAY, May 24, 2018
First Full Day of Healing Seminar
     The night was short and the sleep was fast, but we awoke refreshed and ready to enter into the first full day of the Anointed to Heal Seminar.
     The team had a delicious breakfast at the hotel dining room, followed by a tune if devotions led by Donna, where we heard words of encouragement of how God works in difficult situations to bring about his glory.  This was followed by a time of team building in which we sought God’s forgiveness in areas that the Holy Spirit brought to our minds, then we prayed the Lord to place on us the Armor of God to prepare us for any circumstances in which we might find ourselves in spiritual warfare.  The devotional time was concluded as we prayed together the Lord’s Prayer.
     Pastor Nicolas, with William, our driver, came by at 10:00 to take us for the day’s sessions.  It opened with lively singing, led by two young men who were the church’s worship leaders.  There was no electricity, so we same acapella with them leading out the music and all of us singing in response.  This was followed by an introduction of the team and the speakers for the day.  Thirty two pastors and church leaders were present and all hungry and eager for the word.
     Pastor Nicolas passed out the Anointed to Heal Manual that he had translated into Swahili.  Everyone was eager to receive it as a good resource for their ministry.  We obtained a copy of it for the Wind of the Spirit Ministries’ library.
Larry began and taught on Jesus as our Role Model for ministry. I told them that though we had agreed to come and teach on healing, first we had to take time to know better the Healer that enables healing to happen. There was much very good and positive response throughout the presentation. Some gave thanks to God for the kind of teaching they have never experienced and found it helpful for their ministries.
     Bob followed after a very short break with the teaching on Abba Father.  He did an outstanding Job in following the material in the Manual and he also led the group in forgiveness of their earthly fathers so that their relationship with their Heavenly Father could be healed.  All who were present appeared to be eager to participate in the exercise and clapped when the workshop was finished.
Lunch was served in the room and consisted of rice, delicious soft bread, a beef stew and a healthy dose of homemade sourkrout.  The women, who had prepared it, dished it up for all of us on the team and also for those in attendance.  It was a happy, joyous time of sharing and eating.
        The afternoon session began around 2:15 with Taylor teaching on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit.  He did an excellent presentation with excellent response from the listeners.  He concluded by inviting everyone who wished to come forward for the team to anoint and agree in prayer with them for a new infilling of the Holy Spirit.  As soon as that was announced, everyone jumped to their feet.  They were eager for a fresh infilling of God’s Holy Spirit.  There was much joy and excitement and they began singing praises to God that continued for about 20 minutes. 
     In the meantime, power had been restored and the young man on the keyboard began to play loudly and those holding the two - now powered microphones, added to the singing and dancing.  They continued for another 20 minutes following the adjournment of the formal session and everyone else had been dismissed and had left the meeting hall.  Their enthusiasm and volume carried into the street, far beyond the confines of the little room in which we were meeting.
     During our team evaluation time around dinner, it was shared that the hunger and thirsting for more and more of what was being presented was evident as individuals came to team members of express their appreciation.  Several expressed their excitement about the opportunity to have two more days for such teaching and learning.  Truly the name of our Lord Jesus was glorified, for at the closing praise time, they broke into song, dancing, and hugging of each other as joy flooded out of their lives into the lives of those around them.

Nairobi Seminar, May 25-26
     Bob spoke on Forgiveness. He was truly anointed as he spoke in a very straightforward, easy to understand, gracious presentation. It was truly given in a way that the people could receive. The people listened intently. This, we later learned, was brand new teaching to them.
     I led the workshop, using Michael as a volunteer from the group. As I led him through the steps of forgiveness, he spoke forgiveness to a person named Paul, asked God to forgive him for his hatred of Paul and received God’s forgiveness. The interesting thing was that he asked God to help him bless Paul and he did it without any direction from me. It was a move of the Holy Spirit. When I asked him if he knew he was forgiven, he put his hands to his chest, then spread them wide and declared, “Because I feel free! I am free.” The people applauded.
    The groups appeared to be working through the forgiveness process, as they entered into the workshop. At first, it was hard to tell, as they were ,speaking Swahili and sometimes their facial expressions are stoic. I will trust the Lord to do his work among them. We did the instruction, but only the Holy Spirit can bring about the desire to forgive. I see him working. Sometimes tears are the evidence of his work.
     This turned out to be one of the most powerful sessions. About 10-12 gave testimony of what God did in their lives to set them free. As we began our afternoon session, I felt led to have a time for forgiveness between pastors and laity who were present. We had about fifteen pastors present. On their behalf I began asking the laity for forgiveness for a variety of the usual causes of division. Two or three of the pastors added other things.
     I then encouraged the laity to ask forgiveness of pastors. Three laity asked forgiveness for failure to do as they asked, not honoring their pastors. After forgiveness was spoken and received, the entire group showed their love for each other through hugging, laughing, speaking words of encouragement. A sense of unity for which Jesus prayed, (John 17) pervaded the group.
     Tracy spoke for the closing session. She was truly Spirit anointed as she spoke on healing of emotional hurts. She, and her interpreter, had to fight against a loud, continuous jackhammer noise right outside the church, as well as the banging noise of hammers pounding on metal roofing on a neighboring building. Finally the noise subsided and Satan lost the ability to distract. The presence of the Holy Spirit won the victory.
     Tracy then led them in the workshop. Later testimonies gave witness once again to the healing presence of God. One man had been abused as a young boy. His forgiveness of the abuser set him free from years of repressed emotional feelings that had impacted his whole adult life. That freedom was evident to all of us as he continued in his leadership part of the meetings.
     When we gathered in the praise circle, EVERYONE, and EACH ONE, in the circle gave praise to God for how he had worked and brought change and hope to their lives. Several pastors gave testimony to how they now had ways to help their people become able to help others come to Jesus and be healed of things in their lives. God received much applause for his Manifest Presence.
     Though each session was vital to this seminar, it became evident that the session on forgiveness was the key to the success of the whole mission. Several said they had never heard of its importance, but after experiencing what forgiveness can do, they could see how important it is, not only for individuals and for the church, but also for the forty-seven tribal groups that are represented in Kenya and Africa.
     The conference concluded with picture taking, expressions of love and thanksgiving, invitations to return to Kenya, tears and much laughter and rejoicing in God, our Savior.