The Journey Within

“The Journey Within” September 2021, Silverdale, Washington

What a ride!  Have you heard that saying?  To me it means, “Wow, that was far more than I expected!” And that is just what happened at “The Journey Within”. This was our first in-person seminar since the end of 2019 and it was so very good to gather with the people of God and really fellowship and listen to one another. The Holy Spirit’s presence was palpable. We came with eager hearts, ready to receive what the Lord had for each of us.

This seminar was a journey through our past to examine places where we had missed road signs along the way; a chance to recognize the signs God has placed before us to “STOP”, “EXIT”, “YIELD” or where we were to turn and missed it; places where our emotions became skewed and brought about negative consequences. But the Lord knows how to heal every problem. Each participant had multiple opportunities to give and receive prayer ministry in a small group setting. Everyone was filled with the joy of the Lord!