Travelers and Staff

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Participants in the recent October 2013 “Journey Within” Seminar on the healing of Emotional Hurts held at the United Methodist Church in Silverdale, WA
Comments from "Travelers" who attended "The Journey Within" Seminar
“I feel like I am in a spiritual boot camp and it is exciting.”  This was the testimony of one participant in the recent seminar on healing and wholeness.  Her later testimony in Sunday School class, “My husband noticed such a change in my life he told me that whatever it was I had in me, he wanted it.  Best of all, he came to worship with me today for the first time.”
   Another couple: “I’ve been waiting for seven years to be able to attend one of these seminars and my husband and I decided ‘this is the year’ and we’re going to do it.  Are we ever glad we did!  It’s amazing!”
   Another testified: “Well, I didn’t think I was coming for my own sake.  This was my second Journey Within and I figured I had worked through it all the first time!  Right?  The one who needed healing [I thought] was my husband.  But God knew better.  It would be impossible for me to describe what a precious experience this has been for the both of us.   Thank God for this healing!  I have been freed and blessed beyond measure.”
   Another: “I love your ministry, the servant’s heart of the staff and the joy and life expressed as the captives are set free.”           
   One blessed event, among many others, happened as two husbands each placed their hands on the stomachs of their pregnant wives and spoke a father’s blessing on the little child that God is knitting together in each mother’s womb. 
   These are just a few of shared stories coming from those who participated in the “Journey Within Seminar.”         

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