Kenya Mission

Wind of the Spirit Ministries has been invited to minister in Kenya by Pastor Nicolas Onyango. He runs Christ Evangelism Outreach Ministry, a young but growing ministry with a kingdom focus of seeing the gospel preached to the lost and unreached regions of Kenya. He and his wife Esther are pictured here with their children, Jacob and Mary.
We are taking a small team to Nairobi to teach a Healing Seminar comprised of four sessions: Healing of the Human Spirit, Forgiveness, Emotional Healing (healing of memories) and Physical Healing. At the conclusion of the seminar there will be an evening Healing Service for the public and Larry will preach on Sunday morning. The participants will be 50 - 80 regional church and ministry leaders from local ministries with whom Pastor Nicolas is associated. 
Our team members are Rev. Larry Eddings, Rev. Taylor Gallman from Alabama, Donna Kirkpatrick, Bob and Tracy Martello. We will be leaving May 22 and returning May 29, 2018.
Join us in prayer for God to be honored as we make plans and are in ministry in Kenya; also for the Lord’s direction and provision.